Title Guarantee Rates


This insured product is for use only on secondary loans equal to or less than $200,000, such as Home Equity Mortgages. The only insurance provided under with this product is the Name of the Property Owner as of the last recorded Deed, the Legal Description, and any Mortgages of Record as of the Date of the Title Guaranty Policy and which were recorded subsequent to the last recorded vesting deed.

Amount of Policy

Policy Premium

Up to $50,000


$50,001 – $100,000


$100,001 – $150,000


$150,001 – $200,000


Policies can be delivered within 48-72 hrs. depending on County.

Copy of last Vesting Deed, and recorded Deed provided along with Legal Description and Property Owner(s).

All of us at Avalanche Title & Escrow, LLC appreciate your support and trust and look forward to any opportunity to provide you the products and value critical to your success in the Colorado Real Estate Market.

If your institution is providing secondary financing, we can provide you the added security and peace of mind you demand without the expense of a full title insurance policy and dramatically reduced rates with our Title Guaranty.